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Is It Ok To Wear A White Dress To A Wedding?

Is It Ok To Wear A White Dress To A Wedding?

Depending upon who you ask, the responses will vary. It used to be that no respectful wedding guest would ever wear a black or white dress to a wedding. It was thought that a black dressed looked too morbid or “funeral” like and wearing a white dress was in competition with the bride. But now you can’t go wrong with wearing a LBD- little black dress, it is considered classic and classy! So the question remains, is wearing a white dress to a wedding okay as well?

Well, wearing a white dress to a wedding when you’re not the bride is still generally frowned upon and personally I can understand why. The bride should get to stand out on her wedding day, and one of the ways she does that is by being the only one wearing white. 

However, it’s true that tradition isn’t what it used to be, and not all brides wear white dresses anymore. Many don’t like the concept and would rather choose a more flattering or fun color. So can you wear a white dress to their weddings?

Honestly, each wedding is different and it depends on the bride. After all, it is her day! You make your own judgment call, but the safest answer is to not wear a white dress to a wedding, even if it is your favorite dress, or if the bride is non-traditional!

There are a few exceptions to this tradition, if you have spoken to the bride and she is truly okay with you wearing a white dress, or if your dress is only partially white and another color or pattern, or if the happy couple request that all wedding guest wear white.

I think the takeaway here has to be that it’s always better to wear something safe, such as a dress that is NOT all white, than to risk offending someone, especially the bride on “her” special day.

Thoughts? Do you think it’s ok to wear a white dress to a wedding, if you are NOT the one getting married?


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