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Wearing White After Labor Day…A Fashion Do or Don’t?

Wearing White After Labor Day…A Fashion Do or Don’t?
We’ve all heard it before: You can’t wear white after Labor Day and growing up in the South; it was a big fashion no-no! It’s a rule that seems to govern our wardrobe changes around this time of year, but is it written in stone? Each year, as Labor Day approaches, this question is on the forefront of many fashionistas’ minds, but before you start to clean out your closet, and move all the white clothes to the back, take a moment to consider whether this is a valid rule or an outdated remnant of the past.

It turns out that the rule actually originated back in the late 1800s when wealthy city dwellers would come to the East Coast to vacation in resorts along the coastline. White was the color of choice for those who could afford to spend their summers in these lavish resorts. When summer ended and they returned to their city life, so did their wardrobe, marking the end of summer. Like so many “silly” rules out there, this one continued thru the years, never being questioned, and only accepted as another page in the Fashion Handbook.
So we now know, the question is not so much whether white is acceptable in the winter, but rather, how can it be done tastefully. So perhaps a white linen dress is inappropriate for a 50-degree day, but a chunky off-white scarf or a nice pair of white slacks could be just the thing to spruce up a dark, drab winter ensemble. Try wearing different shades of white, such as winter white, ivory, and cream. And remember to avoid wearing white from head to toe!
Go ahead and wear your white with confidence all year long!

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